Park Visit 02: 2022March11

Spring Tide Bulb Show

Usually the second week of March, Spring Tide at the Greenhouse attracks many visitors in from the cold. They came bearing donations for Food Share and the desire for the warmth the Spring Flower displays bring. Children get to search for the cartoon animals on the Scavenger Hunt score sheet. The search challenges even the best observations of adults. 

Fortunately for me; a small princess, with a squeeky voice, waved her wand to point out their locations amongst all the displays to help me complete my photographic endeavour. To her, “Thank you!”.

The above photos show the Scavenger Hunt score sheet and the locations for only two of the images. The Scarecrow had a cartoon goat in its shirt pocket A cartoon cow was located almost behind the cloud in the top right corner of the barn. Other cartoon characters were hidden to be right infront of very short searchers (the kids).

The array of spring flowers can be a p0hotographer’s dream for a head start on garden pictures. 

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