The Festival of Friends has grown since its start in 1976. No more all night music marathon concerts and many other changes. Times change and we all change to adjust to the changes. Like they say… “the only thing permanent in life is change…“.
After 25 years, the Festival’s founder, Bill Powell retired. Leadership changed a few times and a few more things changed as well. One big change was in 2011, when the Festival was moved from the its historic home in Gage Park to the Ancaster Fairgrounds dispite heavy criticism. Over time, there was a substantial reduction in this event’s size and artistic talent participation… this change was not working. 2017 marked the return of The Festival to Gage Park. We have not looked back since!! A three day attendance can reach 200,000.

Attending three days in a row of Festival was an eye-opener for me. I had to be objective about what I see and photograph. Do I need to photograph everything? Just the nice stuff? What about the uglys?
A little bit of everything with a whole lot of glitter and bling…!!

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