Photo looking South from Fountain across park to Tropical Greenhouse.
Cherry tree in full bloom in front of Greenhouse. Canadian flag on pole.

“Tis the season for blossoms. In our case, Cherry blossoms!!

The thought of Cherry Blossoms had not even entered my mind until I opened the Hamilton Spectator to see an article about the “cherry blossoms at Gage Park” !! “What…??? I cannot miss this!!” I quickly thought to myself.

Blossoms of Spring
Hamilton Spectator
front page

This ‘Covid Shut-in Syndrome‘ was to be overcome by my venturing out on this overcast, drizzly day with camera gear in-hand. “Before the drizzle can turn to wind and rain, I must photograph as many blossoms as possible“. The challenge was on. The Cherry trees awaited my arrival…

Drizzly weather challenges any photographer to keep the lens free of water droplets… especially when the camera is pointed towards the sky. Next is the brightness of the sky that can turn the blossoms into silhouettes. If you have an adjustable camera (manual mode), select a metering setting (spot meter) and move in close for an exposure value for just the blossoms themselves.

If you are using a telephoto lens, select an exposure setting using the largest aperture. This can blur the background. Use a tripod to hold the camera steady for clear, sharper photos!

NOTE: This is an annual event. If you miss it and cannot wait for next year; check conditions at area orchards. If you ask nicely, you may get to photograph their trees in blossom. I am sure they would appreciate photos in return!!

Eye on the Area Photo in
Hamilton Spectator of Oriole in Cherry tree.

On 09 May ’22, a photo I had submitted to the Hamilton Spectator’s ‘Eye on the Area’ was published ! Here it is… a Baltimore Oriole visiting and signing in the cherry tree!


At this time of year, blossoms are breaking out in many places around Gage Park. West of the parking lot and the Bike Pump Track on the west edge of the Park, there are several small trees with bright red blooms. The results of the blooms are unknown to me at the time of this writing, but armed with pictures of the trees, their leaves and blooms, their true identity will soon be known…

Along the east side of the Park, there are several older trees. I know one is an apple and many are on my “to identify” trees. They all have bright white and very photogenic blossoms…

Then back near the Memorial Rose Garden is a young tree with lots of pink blossoms. A few steps north west of it is a much larger, tall, older tree filled with white blossoms!!