The Friends of Gage Park (FOGP) was formed in 1992.

The Friends of Gage Park (FOGP) have been instrumental in numerour changes in Gage Park over the years. Many of the ladies of FOGP and Wear’s Garden Centre, spent their time to assist with the maintenance of the Memorial Rose Gardens. The FOGP also ran a major successful campaign to install the first Splash (spray) Pad and Playground structure. About the same time, FOGP was seeking commercial and other sponsors to assist with funds and coaching for the Baseball leagues. This was one major job that lead to the formation of the Gage Park Softball Association. Also, during these times, the Friends of Gage Page Baseball Field House was built to provide equipment storage, washrooms, a meeting space and a canteen to continue to raise funds by food sales and related events.


Educate • Preserve • Maintain
The Friends of Gage Park (FOGP)
is an autonomous non-profit organization.


George R Robinson Bandshell

To provide information about Gage Park’s Features,
History, Land Use, Trees, Plants, Birders, Pollinators and more


Pair of white Daffodiles

To preserve the Park’s existing green space, historical features, traditional users and tree canopy for the continued enjoyment of all people.


Original ParkDesignMap & Dunnigton-Grubb Photos

To work with the City of Hamilton to maintain the Park
to a high standard. Insure the continuing integrity of the Dunington/Grubb design.

Our projects to map and maintain a picture inventory of the trees, shrubs and plants, animals & birds and the Memorial Rose Garden, continues to be an overwelming and very adventurous undertaking.

All this would be especially useful for teachers and parents teaching children about the outdoors and what a great resource Gage Park is. It will also be of value to visitors from within and outside our City.