Fall Happenings (SE22-DE20)

The Hamilton Fall Garden & Mum Show

The Mum Show, as most people refer to the The Chrysanthemum Show, started in 1920. A new theme each year is created by some of Hamilton’s finest horticulture staff. There are framed pictures of these dramatic scenes from over the years in the hallway leading away from the tropical greenhouse. Amazing use of thousnds of flowers, in many colours and displays with over 200 varieties of Chrysanthemums, and more than 100,000 blooms.

You can copy and paste this address into your web browser to see a YouTube video about The Mums in Space (The Mum Show).


The Hamilton Fall Garden & Mum Show takes place indoors at the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse. Over 20,000 square feet of display space houses the show and plenty of free parking.

Gage Park GreenhouseIn Hamilton
You can view the Park Map at Park Features or the get directions from the map on the Contact Us page on this website.


Fall Colours-Dark tree trunks in sharp contrast to bright yellow leaves

Outside the greenhouse, the trees of the Park are undergoing their changes for the coming winter. Many of the trees will have leaves that just turn brown and fall off. Many of the trees will have leaves that love putting on their best colours for a dramatic end to the season. These are the ones you want the photograph with your phone, tablet and/or your camera!!

The trees do not all turn colour at the same time, so, it is in your best interest to make several visits so you will not miss out.

Keep an eye on the weather. Foggy days are great for special effects!!
To accentuate the fog, overexpose slightly. On lightly overcast days you can avoid the harsh lighting of full sunlight. For bright sunny days with billowing clouds, add a polorizing filter (or try shooting thru your sunglasses held over lens) to darken the blue sky and whiten the clouds!!