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Aerial Park View Numbered Locations

1. Gage Family Home – Hamilton Children’s Museum – 1072 Main St E
2. Robert Burns Monument and Plaque
3. Friends of Gage Park Memorial Rose Gardens
4. The Tropical Greenhouse
5. Gage Park Softball Fields
6. Gage Park Softball Assoc. / Friends of Gage Park Field House
7. Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club
50 Lawrence Road
8. Gage Park Communiity Garden
9. Rosedale Tennis Club
42 Lawrence Road
10. Gage Park (Bike) Pump Track
11. George R. Robinson Bandshell
12. Friends of Gage Park/City of Hamilton Spray Pad
13. Kinsmen Internaional / Friends of Gage Park Play Structure
14. Gage Family Fountain
15. Dunnington Grubb Reflective Gardens
16. Dunnington Grubb Perennial Boarders
17. Friends of Gage Park DunningtonGrubb Monument
18. Fred E Marshall Structure
and Plaque

1 – Gage Family Home –
Children’s Museum

Gage Family House
Hamilton Children's Museum

Presently the Children’s Museum is undergoing some extensive renovations. Museum staff have moved their sessions to other area locatons.

Check the City of Hamilton website for alternate locations for programs and updates as renovations proceed.

2 – Robert Burns Monument and Plaque

RobertBurns Monument near the Children's Museum

The Robert Burns Monument is near the Children’s Museum
(in the background). The inscription says:
A Man’s a Man for a’That
1759 – 1796
Robert Burns
Scotland’s National Poet
Erected by Ye Bonnie Doon Burns Club 1984
And Here’s a Hand, my Trusty Fiere and Gie’s a Hand O’Thine
For Auld Lang Syne

3 – Friends of Gage Park –
Memorial Rose Gardens

Wide Angle view of archway & Rose Gardens

The Memorial Rose Garden donated by The Friends of Gage Park and Wear’s Garden Centre can be a photographer’s dream. The rose garden is filled with 16 hybrid tea varieties, 14 climbing roses and is located in the centre of Gage Park. The roses feature many colours including red, pink, yellow, white and peach. Mid-summer when the roses are in full bloom but visit anytime to see the changes throughout the seasons.

4 – Tropical Greenhouses

Sunlit view of the new Tropical Garden of the Gage Park Greenhouses.

The Gage Park Tropical Garden is an outstanding “must visit” greenhouse displaying a great variety plants being grown indoors! Seasonal events open other areas of the Greenhouses for visitors. The most noteable are Spring Tide (second week of March) and Chrysanthemum Mum” Show (second week of October).

5 – Gage Park Softball Fields

Baseball diamond #1
Field House in background

This is Diamond No. 1 of 3. The majority of the action happens between Diamonds 1 & 2. Improvements to the fencing has reduced the betting for “whose car gets hit” during games.

6 – Gage Park Softball Assoc. –
Friends of Gage Park Field House

FriendsOfGagePark-GPSA FieldHouse

This is the G.P.S.A.-F.O.G.P. Field House near Diamond No.1. This facility acts a meeting place for Softball registration, staff meetings, food sales during games, equipment storage and provides washrooms for fans and players. This becomes a hive of activites during the summer months!!


Cold day after snowfall.
View of parking lot

The Gage Park parking lot has a lot of parking spaces for normal park useage throughout the seasons. There are occasions, such The Festival of Friends and others, when visitors excede the parking lot capacity. Please park in marked spots only. Parking elsewhere, such as along the trees adjacent the Lawn Bowing, can get you a parking ticket. Over crowding creats unsafe conditions. Safety is a major concern. Please park responsibly.

7 – Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club

The Club has been here, at
50 Lawrence Road, Hamilton, since 1925 having the first official sized greens in Canada. Open from May to October for playing in casual games or tournaments.

Contact: or for membership details,
email: [email protected] .

8 – Gage Park Communiity Garden

Gage Park Community Garden

This sign just about explains it all…
members only, fees, waiting list and so on. Ideal for an apartment dweller with a desire for organicly grown foods. Also a great way to teach children about gardening for your own foods.

Contact: [email protected]

9 – Rosedale Tennis Club

Looking west to Roseland Tennis outdsoor courts

Since 1917, Rosedale Tennis Club has been serving the City of Hamilton by providing a fun and friendly Tennis experience. With a total of 12 tennis courts, including 4 indoor courts, their members are able to enjoy year-round Tennis. Contact them or visit their facility today to get started!
42 Lawrence Rd., Hamilton, ON L8M 1N6 Call: 905-545-5205
E-mail: [email protected].

10 – Gage Park (Bike) Pump Track

In 2015, Alpine Bike Parks designed and built The Gage Park Bike Pumptrack incorporating a small beginner pumptrack and a more advanced intermediate pumptrack design. The pumptrack caters to inner city youth and is a great example of what these types of project can produce. The pumptrack is constructed of dirt and the pilot project will be assessed to determine the potential future implementation of other pumptracks in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

Still in use in 2022. See a video at

11 – George R. Robinson Bandshell

Picture of George R Robinson Bandshell

Built in 1947, The George R. Robinson Bandshell is dedicated to the memory of Lieut. George R. Robinson. Born June 10th, 1840 Died April 7th, 1917. Bandmaster 13th Battalion Royal Canadian Militia, now Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (W.R.) from 1869 until his death. Originally a member 2nd battalion Prince consorts own rifle brigade and graduate of Kneller Hall, England. His life was devoted to the advancement of good music. On his many tours with the band through Canada and the United States, he brought great honour and desirable publicity to the City of Hamilton. The bandshell still is the stage for speakers and bands during todays’ modern festivals despite the influx of the portable stage with massive speaker stands and sound system.

12 – 13 Spray Pad & Play Structure

Above left is the Spray Pad and Play Structure is above left.
This is where more information will appear…
a bit of history and photos of spray pad and play structure.

14 – Gage Family Fountain

Gage Park Fountain

The Fountain is the “must see” feature of the Park.
This is also a great photo opportunity for family pictures right down to personal selfies.
In the summer months when the water is on, the photos take on a more attractive appearance. Several Fountain photos are displayed within this website. If there is a particular one that you like, observe the particulars visible in the photo and try and duplicate it. Mission Impossible?? Not really… It is the “art of seeing“.

PLAQUES & MONUMENTS Photos & Description + (Locations)Photos & Description + (Names) to be here soon.