Summertime Happenings (JE21-SE21)

Summer is definately the most active season of all. More people come to the Park for personal activities and all sorts of events than any other season!


Ramadan – one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar – comes to an end with the Festival of Eid al-Fitr. The dates for Ramadan vary each year because the Islamic calendar follows the phases of the Moon, commonly known as the lunar cycle.
Canada Post is issuing a new stamp, April 3, 2023, that displays a bowl, crafted nearly 700 years ago, in medieval Iran. It became a part of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) collection in 1909.
(The photo shows a portion of page 8 of the January-April 2023 | No. 1 issue of DETAILS, “Your source for new Canadian stamps” available at your local Canada Post location.)

FESTIVAL of FRIENDS – 29 – 31 JULY 2022

This is the largest event of the season. This three day event starts late afternoon Friday and ends about dusk on Sunday. There are many vendors selling items of all sorts, multi-national foods, beer corals and best of all is the line-up of musicians and singers!!

RIB FEST – AUG. 19-21, 2022

Rib Fest is a festival promoting, you guessed it, RIBS!! It is also a competition between the participants for the “BestRibs”. You can rate your meal… but it is better to try two or more servings from different vendors… just to be fair of course!! Like other festivals, there is a great line-up of musicians and singers!! This too is a three day event that starts late afternoon Friday and ends about dusk on Sunday.


Photo by Ahthony Trudgian: Fountain water streaming down
Photo: Anthony Trudgian