Park Visit 04: 2022April02

This is Monday, 02 April, one of the early days of registration for participation in the Gage Park Softball Association’s baseball leagues. Members of the G.P.S.A. were on hand, ready, anticipating throngs to come and fill out applications and lay down the fees for participation. Across the entrance driveway is the Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club (Built 1925). The lawns (the first official sized greens in Canada) are well manicured and cared for. But Covid 19 had taken its toll on activities in sharp contrast to the numbers involved with baseball. Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club

As I followed the fence line west, along the north end of the Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club, I came across a large sign on a gate. It read “Gage Park Community Garden” and stated the Gardens are “Members Only”. Their website “” (viewed after visit) was very informative and provided additional contact information. The adjacent sign was Covid related asking you not to visit if you had the signs of the illness. So, between the Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club and the large Rosedale Tennis Club Dome, there is the Gage Park Community Garden. At this time of year, there was not yet any activity in the garden. A glance westward and I could see a person practicing her tennis swings until a ball went over the blue wall. As I was going that way, I returned her ball and another.

Walked west past the large Rosedale Tennis Club dome to the Gage Park Pump Track. A sign stated it was closed and not maintained in the off season even though there traces of use on the hills and track. Definitely a spot where you could get very muddy on a wet day or dusty on a hot dry summer’s day!

Walked northwest to the Cumberland & Gage Ave. park entrance and crossed the street for a photo. Crossed back to the park for a photo of the bicycle repair station. These are very helpful for cyclists but conversely a target for vandals damaging or taking items for themselves.  Turned north, walking along the gravel pathway. To the east, you could see the size of the new tropical greenhouse. To the northeast was the large half circle shaped structure. My destination.

Walked east on the gravel path to front of the George R. Robinson Bandshell. It is named after Lieut. George R. Robinson, 1840-1917, whose love of good music brought great honour and desirable publicity to the City of Hamilton (as stated on the memorial plaque). One photo shows a view from the stage overlooking the central area of the park. If you are walking by and the stage is empty; go up the steps onto the stage talking or singing to check the acoustics!!

As I walked past the Children’s Playground, the only activity was a group of Dads pushing their kids on the swings. Notice the child, in a red jacket, who is almost out horizontal, having an exciting time! Then I turned and headed towards the large fountain. The Fountain is a major attraction and feature in the park. In the warmer weather, the fountain water comes out the mouth of a Lion’s Head gargoyle to flow north along the stepped spillway.

My visit must come to an end. On the way back to the car, I noticed this large stone artifact from some structure long forgotten…

Path taken on Visit 04 to Gage Park 2022AP02