How to find a tree: In the tree name – DOUGLAS FIR – S4E4  – the “S1” stands for “Sector 1”  on the map while the  “E4” is area where the ‘E’ column intersects the row “4” just like an atlas map.

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American Linden

Tilia americana Family: Tiliaceae
Height: 70 feet
Spread: 45 feet

Strong pyramid-shaped form. Fragrant yellow flowers in early summer. Large heart shaped leaves. Low maintenance shade tree. Can attract bees and other insects.


Black Locust

Robinia pseudoacacia Family: Leguminosae

Distinctive ropy bark. Leaves are pinnately compound with 3 to 9 pairs of oval leaflets and a single leaflet at the tip. Fragrant flowers are large white showy clusters. Fruits are flat reddish brown pods that hang singly or in clusters.


Common Horse Chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum Family: Hippocastanaceae
Height: 40 feet
Spread: 40 feet

Spring show of white spikes of flowers. Palmate leaves turn yellow in fall. Can be susceptible to disease.


Douglas Fir

Pseudotsuga Menziesii Family: Pinaceae
Origin: Rocky Mtns., Pacific Coast
Height: 70-300 feet (20-100m)

Only coastal firs reach tallest heights. Named for David Douglas, Scottish botanist and collector. Not a true fir (genus Abies). Prefers acidic or neutral soils. Female cones are pendulous, with persistent scales unlike true firs.


Imperial Honey Locust

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Impcole’ Family: Leguminosae
Height: 35 feet
Spread: 30 feet

Popular shade tree. Low maintenance and tolerant of adverse growing conditions. Bright yellow fall colours.


Kwanzan Flowering Cherry – S4 – C6

Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’ Planted 2017.

Height: 30 feet
Spread: 30 feet

This is classified as deciduous and is a member of the rose family. This is among the most popular of cherry blossom trees. This tree bears no fruit.


Maidenhair Tree – Ginkgo Bilobe – S4 – s5

Ginkgoaceae Family: Ginkgo
Origin: China
Height: 80 feet (25m)
Spread: 30 – 40 feet

Sacred tree of Buddhist monks of east Asia. One of worlds’ oldest plant species ( same as fossils of 100 million year ago). Very long life span over 100 years. Seeds (ginkgo nuts) can have uses in some Asian cooking.


PIN OAK – S1 – B5

Quercus palustres
Height: 60 feet
Spread: 40 feet

Spiny lobed leaves turn red in fall. Fruit can create landscape mess that just has to be cleaned up. Attracts squirrels. Requires full sunlight.


RED OAK – S1 – B6

Quercus rubra Family: Fagaceae
Height: 70 feet
Spread: 70 feet

Artistic shade tree. Beautiful red fall colours. Fruit can be messy requiring clean up. Requires full sunlight.