Education – Intro


The Friends of Gage Park is asking for your help to make our Park and City more exciting and informative.

Our projects to map and maintain a picture inventory of the trees, shrubs and plants, animals and birds, and the Memorial Rose Garden, is an adventurous undertaking.

All this would be especially useful for teachers and parents teaching children about the outdoors and what a great resource Gage Park is. It will also be of value to visitors from within and outside our city.

Your seasonal pictures, along with related information, will be a great help in this education program.

How to find a tree in our tree list: In the tree name – DOUGLAS FIR -S4-E4 – the “S4” stands for “Sector 4” on the map while the “E4” is the area where row “4” intersects the ‘E’ column just like an atlas or road map.