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By Jim,

Burns Memorial

Burn’s Memorial in Gardens


Hamilton to lose the dunington/grubb foundation due to a firefighter monument in gage park.

For over seven years The Friends of Gage Park has held discussions with the Dunington/Grubb Foundation to bring the Foundation to Hamilton from British Columbia.
The Friends of Gage Park would manage the Foundation and use it as a base for its educational program.  The program is being developed as a website for teachers, parents and anyone interested in plants and garden design.  
The Foundation would allow Hamilton to become the centre for both historic and modern landscape design in Ontario and possibly Canada.  Gage Park being the oldest and largest Victorian designed park would truly become the Jewel in the Crown of Hamilton as it was called by the Late Bernie Morelli.
The Dunington/Grubb Foundation was on the verge of transferring the Foundation and it assets to the Friends of Gage Park when the City of Hamilton moved without public consultation, consultant report or even proper notice to remove part of the fully restored 98-year-old Formal Gardens for a Firefighters Monument.
The Foundation was not pleased to see a Dunington/Grubb design destroyed.  It has sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council stating that its action takes The Friends of Gage Park and the City of Hamilton out the running for the Foundation.  
It will allow a new City Council an opportunity to reconsider its decision. This is due to all the work the Friends of Gage Park has done over twenty-five years to preserve and promote the Dunington/Grubb legacy and also recognizing that the City has completely restored the gardens.     
There is another location in Gage Park that would be acceptable without disturbing the Formal Gardens.  This is a reasonable trade off to allow the City to gain such an important Foundation.  It also preserves history and recognizes the many years of good work volunteer organizations do in promoting education and making life better for all people in the City.       
Rosalind Brenneman, Chair, The Friends of Gage Park,
David Beland, Historian, The Friends of Gage Park, [email protected]